METCO aims to improve power generation through its Combined Heat Power Plants to meet the increasing demand for electricity. The affordable yet environmental-friendly CHP plants are designed to reduce energy bills while maintaining uninterrupted power supply.

Benefits to Your Business

Combined Heat Power is an efficient and long-lasting electricity supply source cost-effective and reliable alternative power source designed to generate electricity and thermal energy for heating or cooling water for domestic use or industrial purposes. It also reduces the emission of harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur thus turning out to be an environmental-friendly power generation tool. Nevertheless, CHP has certain benefits that contribute to business success.

Reduce cost

An efficient CHP plant reduces energy costs up to 25% as well as offer other financial benefits such as lowered tax payments, and stabilized budgeting.

Constant energy flow

A high-powered CHP system provides uninterrupted electricity flow thus minimizing chances of an energy crisis. Customizing the setup as per energy needs ensures secured power supply and minimum dependence on electricity import. The CHP set up synchronized with a generator allows you to work independently without any reliance on the main power grid.

Dependable solution

CHP is one of the most reliable power generation sources as it requires minimum maintenance and fuel supply. It is an on-site resource designed to provide continuous power supply, especially during peak hours for smooth operations. After identifying electricity requirement, it is easy to estimate and evaluate the configurational and design set up of CHP system for crisis prevention. This makes it

Environmental-friendly alternative

The process minimizes the emission of CO2 and SO2 for a
safe and healthy environment.

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