Solar Thermal & Solar
Photovoltaic Energy

Learn how METCO Engineering generates ST & SPV energy to fuel your electricity demand at minimal rates.

What is Solar Thermal &
Photovoltaic Energy?

Solar Thermal Energy (STE) is a renewable and inexhaustible advanced derivative technology using sun rays to heat water and air for electricity production.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems absorb sun rays to generate electricity directly.

According to an estimate by Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), the US Solar Energy capacity will double by 2020, and about 15GW of additional capacity will be installed throughout the country!

Thus, to meet these increased requirements, METCO has successfully harnessed the power of the sun to bring large-scale, sustainable and efficient, electricity generation solutions for public and private facilities.

By offering economically viable and efficient setups, our team of experienced professionals ensures that you gain lasting, fixed-priced solutions, while maintaining minimum carbon emissions.

How is Solar Thermal &
Photovoltaic Energy generated?

Solar PV energy generation is pretty straightforward. We use high-quality solar cells that directly convert sun rays into electricity. STE, on the other hand, requires concentration of sunlight to heat, water or air. Specially, designed mirrors, placed strategically, concentrate scattered sun rays, helpful in producing steam for electricity generation.

You may choose a Passive setup with no mechanical parts or an Active system with turbines for electricity generation. Active configurations, however, require separate space for operation.

Depending on your energy needs, METCO designs, constructs, operates and maintains a cutting-edge STE & SPV infrastructure for efficient power supply at low costs. Our best-in-class energy generation systems, utilizing panels with up to 90% efficiency, reduces the extra maintenance expenses. Besides, the surplus power can be sold back to the grid, making this setup a source of revenue for you!

Benefits of Solar Energy

Reduced Electricity Bills

Depending on the size of the production system you purchase, you can not only save big on your electricity bills, but also get a significant reusable surplus back to the grid.

Low Carbon Emissions

ST & SPV energy generation has a comparatively low carbon footprint than the burning of fossil fuels.

Minor Maintenance Costs

Our setups do not require frequent maintenance, except for periodic cleaning; thus, minimizing unnecessary expenditure.

Sustainable Form of Energy

Solar power is one of the most reliable, easily accessible, and efficient sources of energy, as it is available almost daily.

Recent Projects

METCO has completed a plethora of projects for the City of Dallas successfully so the locals can benefit from our sustainable, environment-friendly, and resilient power services.