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Find out How METCO Engineering incorporates green lifestyle in energy generation through its efficient biogas plants. Our innovative technology and creative designs result in ingenious power solutions.

What is Biogas/Biomass Energy?

Biogas and biomass, both are forms of biofuel used to generate energy. The former is a natural process to turn organic waste into energy in the absence of oxygen. Anaerobic bacteria, present in soil and water bodies such as swamps and lakes, break it down to release methane and carbon dioxide that are turned into energy. Biomass energy production is also dependent on organic matter as it is directly burnt to generate thermal energy. However, emitted gases pollute environment and the process requires large chunks of organic fuel as compared to biogas energy production thus making it inefficient.

The biogas process produces 50%-70% methane and 30%-50% carbon dioxide similar to natural gas. On average, each cubic meter of biogas can produce up to 2 kWh electricity enough to light a 100-watt bulb for the whole day.

Green living is what America thrives for. According to UNEP report, renewable energy accounts to 1/5th of the total energy consumption which will further reach to 1/3rd of energy consumption by 2050. With such plans, biogas energy plants seem a viable solution for offering uninterrupted, clean and sustainable energy.

How is Biogas Generated?

METCOs efficient Biogas Plants are decentralized to meet heat and power needs while reducing environmental pollution. The company uses a store collection to stock-up bio-fuel such as manure, food scraps, and landfill waste. The waste is then sent to a homogenization tank to mix the waste uniformly.

For converting waste into energy, the homogenized, macro-sized waste is sent to the anaerobic digesters. For clean, eco-friendly energy production, METCO uses a desulphurization unit where gaseous sulfur is liquified using a limited quantity of air in the presence of specialized anaerobic bacteria.

The dried and purified biogas is then vented into a CHP unit to generate electricity and heat. The residue is treated using a dewatering screw and solar drying for producing high-quality fertilizer.

Benefits of Biogas

Eco-friendly solution

Conversion of methane into energy to protect the environment from harmful greenhouses gases

Natural process

Derivation of combustible fuel through natural waste such as manure, food scraps, and landfill garbage.

Fertile lands

Anaerobic bacteria deactivate parasites and break down toxic liquids from organic waste materials to improve soil quality.

Generate Revenue

Companies can increase their revenue by selling excess energy as car fuel or power supply to the electricity grid.

What Does METCO do?

METCO excels in the design and development of highly efficient biogas energy plants to convert waste into renewable energy. With professional engineers and experts on board, METCO successfully implements advance techniques to produce alternative energy solutions to maintain a sustainable environment. The meticulously designed digesters are easy to operate and maintain while producing efficient energy. METCO aims to meet your power generation demands and challenges through its compelling and cost-efficient power solutions.

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