North East Police Station Power Upgrade

Sustainable Energy Benefits for a Better Future
Incorporate green energy efficient systems
Installation of Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels as primary source of energy

Installing Renewable Energy Systems to Meet Electricity Demands

Eventually, high utility bills and energy consumption need to be taken care of if a facility operates 24/7, without a break in production hours. A police division can be classified as such a compound that needs available resources 24/7. To tackle the issue of high power demand, Dallas Northeast Police Station partnered with METCO to engineer sustainable energy sources for the building. This will reduce electricity expenses and also cut down the carbon footprint.
METCO installed 256 solar modules to solve the problem. These collectively generate 83.2 kW of electricity thereby meeting 50% of the energy requirement.

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  • LocationDallas, Texas
  • ServicesGeneral Contracting & Engineering

An Inexhaustible, Cost-Effective Power Source

The solar PV panels were mounted on the rooftop without battery or a generator backup. No battery backup means that the system will not go through the hassle of charging, which reduces efficiency by 10%. This type of configuration is widely known as the grid-tied or utility-connected system. These produce the same Alternating Current (AC) that is produced by the main transmission. This also means that when these solar PV systems are not in operation, for example at night, the grid takes over to supply power to the building. This way, the transmission acts as a virtual battery for the solar PV systems.

By the end of the project timeline, we had the solar modules supplying clean energy with long lasting benefits for the company.

  • Construction Cost $202962
  • Annual Cost Savings $8979
  • Electricity Savings116341 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback (years)22.6 yrs
Business Case

Taming Natural Resources to solve Complex Problems

An area may have superb solar potential, but not every building is a suitable candidate for receiving solar energy. METCO performed an onsite evaluation of the police department before moving further with the project. This evaluation factors in the variables that may hinder solar reception to analyze whether a solar PV system will perform optimally at the location or not. Adequate sunlight, shading, roof space, and panel tilt and orientation are some of the aspects that need to be satisfactory to harness the power from sunlight.

Photovoltaic panels come pre-engineered but they all have the following basic components:

1. Solar photovoltaic modules
2. Mounting racks
3. Combiner box with surge protection
4. Inverter
5. Meters
6. Disconnects

With a power rating of 83.2 kW, METCO successfully installed a total of 256 solar modules mounted on arrays that incurred $202,962 as construction cost. This will allow the Northeast division of the Dallas Police Station to save 116,341 kWh/yr of electricity every year. The return on investment for this installation is expected over a span of 20 years. The long-term benefits of solar panels are numerous in terms of electricity savings and cost reduction.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Unprecedented Level of Service

METCO’s certified professionals engineered the solar PV systems to meet the specific building needs. We do not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ method and our solutions are always customised with performance tweaks as an added bonus. Our engineers go the extra mile to ensure superior performance and safety, while also factoring in economic benefits for the client.

We thrive on properly coordinated workflows and seamlessly managed teams to guarantee quality work that is delivered on time. METCO takes care of communication with contractors and subcontractors, involved in a project, in order to eliminate the hassle at your end.

In conclusion, METCO has excellent customer service to guide companies from start to finish, transparent dealings with customers and polished business ethics that win over clients.

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