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At METCO, we take great pride in nurturing, supporting and providing infinite learning opportunities for our specialized team. The complexity of our projects require brilliant minds from various backgrounds to innovate, implement, and solve the needs of our clients . Personal and professional development is woven into the fabric of METCO Engineering. Value the unique skills and specialties that each employee contributes to the METCO team.

With 15 years of business, METCO has provided exceptional engineering, technical consulting and management services across all verticals. At METCO, we encourage lifelong learning and development for all staff members. With our work friendly policies and a continued investment in your personal success, we attract experienced engineers with expertise across multiple sectors.

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Metco is dedicated to creating a positive workplace for its employees and encourages a healthy work/life balance. We thrive on diversity and firmly believe in equal opportunity employment. Our rewards and benefits program is designed to attract creative minds from technical disciplines.

If you are looking for a workplace that cultivates forward thinking, growth opportunities, and values energy efficiency, there is no better place to start your journey than right here at METCO!

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Electrical Engineering

We believe electrical engineering is the key to a sustainable future. Electrical engineering demands a strong foundation in physical science and mathematics, a broad knowledge of engineering techniques, and an understanding of the relation between technology and society. At METCO, we constantly innovate to expand the capabilities of our team and the power of electrical design.

Software Engineering

Our tech geniuses behind the screen are the reason we are continuously one step ahead of our industry. Our proprietary simulation and designing software is consistent with our success and our ability to complete projects within budget and on time. We’re continuously looking to stay ahead of the curve within our own organization’s culture, philosophy, education, and technology.

Hardware Engineering

Nearly every board and box that controls, communicates, actuates, or powers our designs is built within our specifications to ensure a harmonious two-way communication with it’s software counterpart in order to maximize efficiency, precision, and timing.

Structural Engineering

These are our on-site problem-solvers. Structural engineers create drawings and specifications, perform calculations, review the work of other engineers, write reports and evaluations, and observe construction sites. Our structural engineers focus on the framework of structures, and on designing those structures to withstand the stresses, pressures of their environment and to reach critical mass efficiency. During this time, we exceed all safety measures, while designing the structure to keep stable and secure throughout it’s lifetime.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering has been around since the beginning of time and it is here to stay. These are our perfectionists who see through the whole project pipeline. The mechanical engineering field requires an understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, and electricity. We use these core principles along with tools like computer-aided design, and product life-cycle management to design and analyze our projects through simulation and during work-in-progress.

Mechanical engineering is the conduit between our hardware, software and electrical counterparts. We’re constantly designing mechanical solutions and pushing the boundaries of efficiency with our family or solutions.

Robotics Engineering

These are our next generation of engineers who code all the nuts and bolts. They are always developing industry-leading automation. At METCO, we take pride in our capabilities in robotics and love the challenge. Join us for a glimpse of the future for automation.

Control Engineering

Control engineering is imperative to METCO’s product and service output. It is the “bread and butter” of our turn-key solutions. We develop our own control theories and apply them to our proprietary designs to reach a specific outcome or set of behaviors. This field ties in directly with our automation philosophy.